A daddies search for his little babygirl
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Daddy: *After driving home from work he opens the front door, and walks into the house. Realizing immediately it is very unusual for his precious baby girl to not excitedly be jumping up and down for him at the front door, just as she usually does right when he gets home. Growing concerned he walks down the hall towards the bed room. As he gets closer he thinks he heard some thing, so he quickly swings up the bed room door.*

Baby girl: *It startles her and causes her to jump, then when she sees Daddy she shouts in an awkward tone.* Hi Dadddyy! *While standing there naked holding a pair of jeans, a shirt, socks, and panties all balled up in a mess together in her arms.*

Daddy: *Glares at her knowing she is trying to hide something, and says in a firm tone.* Just what do you think you are doing missy?! And why are you naked?!

Baby girl: I…I… uhhhhh…. I wanted to take a baff Daddy! *Smiles slightly hoping he will let her get a bath.*

Daddy: *Not buying it he walks up to her and puts his hands out.* Let Daddy see your clothes.

Baby girl: Bu….bu…bu….but Daddy! I want to put them in the washer by myself! I am a big girl! I know how to!

Daddy: *Glares down at her still hold his hands out.* NOW! Missy!

Baby girl: *Knowing she is about to get her bare bottom bright red when she gets called missy like that, she quickly hands her clothes over and starts tearing up and pleading with.* Daddy plllleeeeassseee pllleeeeasssseee don’t be mad! Pppplleeeaaaasssseee! *Tears start streaming down her cheeks as she pulls on his button up dress shirt, then embraces him around the waist mumbling into his chest* Please Daddy, please don’t be mad!

Daddy: *Right away he feels her clothes are wet soon as he takes them from her. Her panties are drenched and the butt of her jeans are soaked, and so are all down the inside of the leggings of the jeans. He knew instantly she had an accident. He looks down at her sobbing into his chest pleading with him. Then says softly.* Calm down baby, its okay. You aren’t going to get spanked or time out. Daddy knows it was an accident.

Baby girl: I’m not getting spankies or naughty times? You do know? *She looks up with tears in her eyes slightly confused.*

Daddy: Yes that’s right sweet heart. However you know you threw a big temper tantrum when Daddy was changing your diapey this morning when you woke up, and refused to wear your diaper today. You begged Daddy to let you wear panties by promising Daddy you would be a big girl today and use the potty. But as I thought it is clear you still need to learn you are just a little baby girl, and still have to be kept in diapers. So to learn your lesson, Daddy is going to fuck you like the little innocent dependent baby girl that you are.

Baby girl: *Her mouth drops open slightly in disbelief of what Daddy said with her girly parts suddenly getting tingly and legs slightly trembling.* Bu-bu-bu…

Daddy: Hush little one! *He picks her up under her arms then hold her up with his hands on her bare ass, squeezing it as he starts passionately kissing her with his tongue moving all inside her mouth.*

Baby girl: *She can’t resist and wraps her legs around his waist and arms around his shoulders as she kisses back*

Daddy: *Still kissing her and holding her up with his hands on her bare bottom, he suddenly flops her onto the bed on her back, and holds her down. Then while holding her down he ties a bib around her neck saying “I love my Daddy”  to help remind her she is just Daddy’s little baby girl.

Baby girl: *She starts squirming trying to get away from him as he holds her down putting it on.* Noooo Dadddddyyy!

Daddy: YES! You are Daddy’s little baby girl, you need to learn that little one. *Plops a paci in her mouth to keep her from putting up a fuss.*

Baby girl: *Her immediate instinct of her little side makes her start  sucking on her paci, which soothes her and she relaxes. Laying there naked with just her bib on sucking her paci, while watching as Daddy quickly takes off his dress shirt, khaki pants, and boxers.*

Daddy: *As soon as he finishes undressing before even going back to kissing her, when she least expects it, he suddenly thrusts his long hard cock deep into her warm wet lips. He does not start out slow as he normally does but just starts fucking her hard, thrusting into her harder and harder. As he fucks her hard, he tells her. *You are Daddy’s little baby girl, and he will fuck you when ever he wants!*

Baby girl: *She scrunches her eye brows together, and moans into her paci as she sucks on it harder from the intense tingling and pleasure between her legs spreading up her body. She scrunches her eye brows more and gasps and moans as it becomes so intense she starts pushing cum out on Daddys cock as the muscles between her legs contract.*

Daddy: *As he continues fucking her hard thrusting his cock in and out slamming into her every time he thrusts into her, he pronounces* That’s a good girl! You push all that cum out on Daddy’s cock! You are Daddy’s little baby girl and that cum belongs on Daddy’s cock! *He then releases a big stream of cum deep inside her as he sinks his cock as deep is it will go to it’s base. He moans and sighs as he releases every last squirt of cum deep inside her.*

Baby girl: *Feeling Daddy’s cum stream out of his cock inside her just makes her cum even harder and her muscles contract even harder that she squeals gasping for breath.*

Daddy: *Right after he finishes cumming then he pulls his cock out. Right away he slides a diaper under her bottom, pulls it snuggly between her legs, and then tapes it on. Knowing from the past she always needs to pee right after he fucks her, so she will need her diaper on to keep her from soaking the bed. After he puts her diaper on he pulls her close and cuddles her against his chest.*

Baby girl: *Still breathing heavily trying to catch her breath, she can still feel her kitty and legs tingling. Being in Daddy’s arms and back in her diaper after a good cum makes her feels so good, so little, and so happy.*

Daddy: *He lays there quietly with her just cuddling her close. As he runs his fingers slowly through her hair, and his other hand gently patting her fluffy padded bottom as he feels it slowly getting warm as he knew she would pee pee right after sex like she usually does. He just looks down at her and smiles whispering* I love you baby doll.

Baby girl: *Blushing she whispers back* I love you too Daddy. *She then  slowly drifts off to sleep in just her diaper as Daddy holds her.* 

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